Construction Materials Testing and Inspection

Quality control in any construction project is critical to the project's success. Construction materials testing and inspection activities are designed to ensure general compliance to project plans and specification.

InTEC provides testing and inspection services for all phases and materials of construction projects. These services may be conducted in the laboratory or at the construction site.

InTEC maintains soils, concrete, and aggregate testing equipment to support the testing needs of the project requirements. Our test equipment is calibrated by an independent testing agency. InTEC laboratory has been accredited by the American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and conforms to the requirements set forth by ASTM E329. Further, our laboratory participates in soils proficiency testing on an ongoing basis with the AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory.

InTEC periodically trains the laboratory and field technical staff on all applicable procedures.

Our materials testing and inspection services include:

* Concrete testing
* Soil compaction evaluation
* Pile driving observation
* Reinforcing steel inspection
* Post Tensioning steel observation
* Mortar and grout testing
* Drilled pier observation and inspection
* Aggregate, soils, and asphalt testing
* Structural steel inspection
* High tension bolt inspection
* Welding inspection

InTEC's soils laboratory in Louisiana is accredited by AASHTO.