Environmental Consulting Services

Identification and assessment of recognized environmental conditions at a project site influence feasibility of the project and design and construction alternatives.

InTEC provides environmental reconnaissance of existing (previously developed) sites as well as undeveloped sites. This includes, among others, a review of geologic and hydrogeologic conditions, the assessment of past or existing release of regulated materials at the site, the assessment of existing building material composition and condition, and if needed, recommendations for remedial actions.

Environmental Site Assessments

InTEC environmental staff conducts Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). These assessments obtain commonly known or reasonably ascertainable information concerning current and prior uses of the site and present observations of the site to determine the presence or potential presence of regulated materials.

Environmental consulting services include:

* Environmental Due Diligence
* Environmental Site Assessments
* Site Characterization
* Asbestos Containing Materials and Lead Based Paint Screenings
* Wetland Surveys

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